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We provide designs made with the best fabrics to various demographics, like schoolchildren (house uniforms and school team uniforms), as well as real athletes and sports enthusiasts, so they feel their best — be it while they're out for run, playing a sport, or even working out.

School Sports Uniform

Noble Sportwear Uniform Manufacturers is a modern sportswear provider specializing in making distinctive and beautiful dresses, sports kits, and kits for various teams across Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Cricket Jersey

Noble Sportswear is a major manufacturer of Cricket Jerseys in Coimbatore, producing high-quality jerseys that are printed using specialized sublimation printing techniques. Our jerseys are noted for their eye-catching hues and unique designs, which enable detailed images to be printed directly onto the fabric.

Football Jersey

Noble Sportswear is dedicated to providing the best football jerseys in Coimbatore and exports internationally. Our football jerseys are similar to those produced from various pieces of fabric cut and sewed together to create a personalized design.

Corporate(polo) Casual Uniform

Noble Sportswear is a prominent producer of high-quality polo T-shirts for sports teams, business events, and casual wear. We provide high-quality, comfortable, long-lasting materials in various colours and sizes to suit any group or organization.

Sports Jacket

Sports jackets are necessary for exercising, warming up and cooling down, and they are also comfortable. It is important to select the correct manufacturer when purchasing wholesale sports jackets. Noble Sportswear provides high-quality clothing with unique patterns.

Promotional Wear

Noble Sportswear provides a wide range of customized t-shirts for marketing your brand or business. We are a well-known promotional T-shirt manufacturer in Coimbatore.We are a professional and trustworthy firm for all your custom promotional t-shirt needs.

House Uniform

Noble Sportswear has become one of Coimbatore's best school house uniform manufacturers, retailers, and traders. We are well-known for specializing in bespoke school uniforms that comply with all of the unique standards specified by the schools.

Sports Jersey

Noble Sportswear is well-known in Coimbatore for its sports jerseys, many of which are breathable, sweat-wicking material that keeps athletes dry and comfortable on the field. We are 100% committed to providing you with the best sports jerseys in India.

College Sports Jersey

Our company produces high-end, uniquely designed sportswear, accessories, and team outfit solutions for various sports. Our sportswear is lightweight, practical, and reasonably priced, ensuring the highest-quality textiles in multiple sizes and fittings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our products

There are various methods for printing logos on uniforms, and the choice depends on factors such as the type of fabric, the complexity of the design, and the desired durability.

Here are some common types of printing methods used for logos on uniforms: Digital Printing, Dye Sublimation, Screen Printing, Heat Transfer, DTG, Vinyl Cut Printing and Embroidery.

The choice of printing method depends on your specific requirements, budget, and the characteristics of the uniforms and logos involved

Yes, you can call +91 90924 24241 and speak with one of our Uniform Consultants about your needs and desired quantity, and we will offer the best discount possible based on your requirements.

Although we serve our orders accordingly, you can still contact +91 90924 24241 our Consultants for further information.

Send your ideas, technical package information, product images, and the URL to the desired apparel items to start building new sportswear for your organization after discussing the fabric type, colour, weight, brand logo print, and other print pattern details. We will provide expert advice and pricing information after thoroughly reviewing the schematics. We will help you fulfil your organization's demands for manufacturing sportswear or school uniforms.