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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our products

We create something unique. We don't have a standard line because each piece of sportswear we make is unique.

We absolutely can; we make personalized apparel for all sports. We can help you with all your sportswear needs, whether you're looking for hockey, kabaddi, kho-kho, or anything else.

Absolutely. Our Ontrack Basic and OnTrack Sublimation Fast allow for quick turnarounds.

Noble Sportswear Textile is a fully-fledged manufacturing company with ISO 9001 certificates and a diverse product line that includes sportswear. We specialize in producing products from start to finish, leveraging their extensive technical experience and expertise. T-shirts, sports uniforms,hoodies, bibs, track trousers, sleeveless jerseys, shorts, promotional t-shirts, football jerseys, cricket jerseys, sports jackets, polo t-shirts, house uniforms for schools, and other items are supplied at reasonable prices.

We have youth, men's, women's jersey's and unisex sizes available. We recommend taking measurements of yourself and a piece of clothing to get an appropriate fit based on your item's sizing chart. Contact us for more details.

We definitely can. We collaborated with several schools to redesign their active range. We will develop, present, sample, and manufacture every aspect of the line in collaboration with your school or group.

Yes. We can create a perfect copy and prototype of the sportswear based on your photographs or product URLs. Then, we will offer you a visual file of your sportswear or athletic product. Of course, after receiving your approval, we can provide technical assistance to help you begin wholesale manufacturing.

The turnaround time for custom sportswear varies based on the chosen cut-and-sew or sublimated option and the client's status. For new clients, the turnaround time is slightly longer than for existing clients.

Noble Sportswear differentiates itself from other customized sportswear providers by its dedication to quality and ability to deliver a smooth, resistant product in any colour. Our sportswear knowledge flows in their veins, making their services unrivalled.

Yes, Noble Apparel is a proud partner of numerous organizations, providing apparel for various cricket and football teams and promotional jerseys for businesses. Track and field, shorts, skirts, jerseys, bibs, jackets, and personalized for each athlete were available.

Absolutely. Our incredible promotional t-shirt design staff goes above and beyond to offer a variety of colours, styles, lengths, and every aspect in between to ensure you receive the right product.

Allow us to assist you. We have a staff of industry professionals, some of whom have worked in the field for a number of years. Contact our friendly customer service team, and we will assist you in selecting a product that meets your requirements.

Absolutely. Our Ontrack Basic and OnTrack Sublimation Fast allow for quick turnarounds.

Yes, we have excellent color-matching skills. Because of our attention to detail, every aspect of your jersey will be coordinated and incorporate brilliant colours.

Order times may vary depending on the quantity of supplies requested. Send a message to let us know which product you are interested in, and we will provide you with an estimated delivery time. Working with our dependable suppliers, we do all necessary to deliver your order as soon as possible.

We make every effort to offer our loyal customers the best possible price. Pricing is determined by the amount of the order and the current delivery rates. On request, quotes will be provided.

Each order is neatly folded, bagged, and further arranged by grade, classroom, and student so that it can be distributed quickly and efficiently once delivered to the school.

Call or email to speak with one of the friendly sales staff. Our account manager will take care of all your inquiries and order requirements.

The top manufacturer of custom sportswear in India is Noble Sportswear. The Noble Sportswear team's niche speciality is customization, and we provide uniforms for many couples, groups, and schools. In other words, our customers will receive the precise outfit they want, down to the very last detail, at an affordable price.

Yes, we have an internal graphic arts department. We will be customized to fit your school's colours and logo. Additionally, if you'd like to, you can use your design or give our artists a few examples of what you're picturing, and we'll make a unique design just for your school.

At Noble Sportswear, our business aims to "bring an entire group of versatile innovators together." We do this using the resources we have developed over time, such as a large customer base, highly skilled workforce teams, professional team ethics and strong manufacturing practices, prompt responses and guaranteed premium quality, best-in-class customer service solutions, and a wide range of products at low prices.

Ordering and delivery dates will be determined in consultation with you to suit your commitments.

We offer a unique solution for vendors, allowing them to promote and collect pre-orders without needing bulk orders. Our process includes order forms, posters, sample tees, and an online store, enabling easy distribution. The backend process includes tallying orders, printing products, and organizing them by grade, classroom, and student. Customers can also view customer testimonials and Google reviews for further feedback.

We provide scientific suggestions on the suitable fabric for your sportswear and uniforms for school because the fabric is a crucial component in sportswear manufacturing. High-quality materials, including 100% cotton, a blend of spandex, and others, are used by us. We also offer free, quick, ongoing support and ideas for the best fabric type and printing system. We ensure high-quality products, and it is crucial to consider fabric excellence, colour quality, brand logo quality of the print, and sewing quality.